Start an Online Shop in a few Minutes

Start an Online Shop in a few Minutes

Just Imagine setting up your Ecommerce Online Shop with your own website in under a few minutes. 

Sell Unlimited Products, Manage your Business Inventory through our Powerful POS Module built in. 



Permeateq Digital was created to solve the Ecommerce needs of business. Our tech innovative solutions allows Customers to get an Ecommerce Online Shop for their business without high initial setup costs.

As more and more business are coming up, Business with websites are getting an increase in their sales and revenue while those not online are on their deathbed. Permeateq Ecommerce, simply create an account, apply for the Ecommerce Package you want and watch as your website is created in a few minutes. Start selling online today so fast from your own website

Permeateq Digital

Ecommerce is here to stay, What about your business?

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