Hospital ERP Web Application Software License Features

Hospital ERP Web Application Software License Features

Custom Health App Development Services for All Platforms

Permeateq App Development Solutions

Permeateq offers patient-centered comprehensive package of healthcare (mhealth) and clinical continuum solutions for healthcare
organizations, clinicians, and doctors to facilitate remote visits with patients, online appointment booking, appointment scheduling,
health monitoring, real-time access to health data and many more
. Our robust and customized healthcare solutions are developed
by industry experts with deep healthcare experience who understands the significance of information security and strictly follow the
stringent methods of HIPAA compliant solutions.

Unlock Our Permeateq Expertise

Some of Our Key Permeateq Software
Development Solutions

  • 01

    Permeateq(Mhealth) Applications

    Development of mobile telehealth (mHealth) applications for iOS and Android.
  • 02

    Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Solution

    Cloud-based medical video conferencing software solutions with secure file transfer through data channeling and end-to-end encryption components.
  • 03

    Exclusive Video Conferencing Platforms

    Medical video conferencing platforms with screen sharing, Point-to-Point P2P communication constructs, and custom development / integration of audio and video streaming software (ProRTC, WebRTC)
  • 04

    Group Conferencing Permeateq Solution

    Secure data sharing P2P or group conferencing Permeateq software with record/ stream abilities, screen share, and file transfer mechanics.
  • 05

    Virtual Office Platform Development

    We develop virtual office platforms that mirror your brick and mortar through HIPAA compliant P2P video streaming and virtual waiting rooms with call routing capabilities to efficiently prioritize patients
  • 06

    Medical Data Sharing

    Secure transmission of images, medical data and patient histories without any drop in resolution. We also provide blockchain-based medical data sharing and privacy preservation.
Completely Customizable Essentials

Spotlight on Features of Permeateq App


Easy Onboarding

Doctors can signup/login in the app through email and mobile number verification.


Online Scheduling

Doctors can create a schedule in calendar by selecting a date range, start and end time, appointment duration.


Appointment Management

Doctors can receive appointment request, accept/reject appointment, and view upcoming appointments.


View Patient’s Details

Doctors can view patients’ details, reason for visit, past medical history and other vital information.


Video Consultations

Secured WebRTC based video tools for high-definition video calling with patients.


Multiway Video Solution

Allowing patients or doctors to invite other participants on the call like patients family or care specialists.


Secure Messaging

Doctors can connect, LIVE chat with Patients to check their wellness status or prescribe medication.


EMR Integration

Integrate patient’s histories & records with EMR’s to make seamless remote visits.


Integrated Billing

Allowing Doctors to charge and collect online payment from customers after a remote visit.


Store and Forward

Securely store & share medical data, images and patient histories without any drop in resolution.


Regulatory Compliance

All information shared and stored with us is fully encrypted as per leading healthcare regulations and compliances.



Doctors can see total number of patients, appointments, and earnings in an interactive dashboard.

Our Premium Offerings

The New Dimensions of Care

Are you looking to augment your existing mhealth app with Permeateq or just want to create a new Permeateq app from scratch?
Permeateq offers Custom Permeateq Development, Design and Testing services that are highly secured and fits exactly on your
budget. We also offer Care providers ‘Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions’ that enables you to monitor your patient’s health information
from the comfort of their home or workplaces. Thus, helping you to enhance your patient engagement and increase satisfaction.

Customized Offerings

Customized Offerings

Permeateq allows organizations to develop a totally new and custom telehealth offering all under your own unique brand. Now it’s easy to create a virtual practice that reflects your cubicle clinic.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Doctors can access right data at right time by Permeateq’s custom integrations. Our robust suite of API allows bidirectional exchange of information with EMRs.



Doctors can access patient history, gaps in care and other informational outlook like prescription guidelines, referral instructions, and wellness programs at once during online checkup.

Data Security

Data Security

All information shared and stored with us is fully encrypted as per HIPAA requirements. Our security and privacy programs are built to highest standards. Your data is always safe with us.

The Fact Check: Improve Access and
Affordability with mHealth Apps

The whopping figures revealing how Health and Permeateq apps are saving costs, improving quality and making cure more convenient.
Are you ready to develop the Permeateq app?

  • 01

    Permeateq Patient Satisfaction

    79% of patients find Permeateq follow-up visit more convenient than a personal follow-up.

  • 02

    Annual Employer Savings

    Net cost savings of a healthcare professional is estimated at $19-$121 per Permeateq visit.

  • 03

    Quality of Care

    The quality of healthcare services remains uncompromised and as good as in-person consultations.

  • 04

    Employers Offering Permeateq

    90% of healthcare executives say their organizations are developing/already have Permeateq apps.

  • 05

    Emergency Room Costs

    The average cost of treating non-emergency conditions (such as dizziness, sore throat, flu) can be slashed by $2032.

  • 06

    Avoidable ER Visits

    Two-thirds of ER visits are avoidable which costs the system around $32 billion according to UnitedHealth group.

Is Your Healthcare Organization


Did You Know?

"Permeateq Market size was valued at USD 45 billion in 2019 and is
expected to witness 19.3% CAGR from 2020 to 2026."

In unprecedented times, the crisis management capabilities of an organization come under the test with their level of preparedness. Undergoing a state of crisis electrifies organizations to prioritize detecting, preventing of crisis, and their management.

Permeateq’s advanced Permeateq, healthcare, and life sciences solutions strengthen organizations by being digital-ready and future-proofed. Assisted by health services- Big Data & Analytics, PLM, Enterprise Application Integration, Cloud, and IoT based tools- we ensure our clients’ digital infrastructure meets quality standards and safeguard patients with our connected devices and services.

We acknowledge that healthcare is already one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries- and adopting clinical innovations, digital interconnectivity, and the elevating market complexities require robust service capabilities, as well as an industry-rich understanding of the patient's needs to deliver proactive and cost-effective care.

At Permeateq- we practice competitive approach to scrutinize undergoing healthcare challenges, patient dissatisfaction points, and workforce burnouts and then create digital and automated solutions backed with trending technologies such as AI, cognitive computing and robotics, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain to help build resilience to future incursions, mitigate risks and aid healthcare professionals make better decisions, reduce errors and increase productivity with full vigilance and security in place via a culture of compliance.

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